Density Index Unit

"An accurate and repeatable way to assess melt quality"

In the Density Index Unit (DIU), Energy Systech provides a very powerful tool to an aluminium casting shop. The apparatus gives a quick and accurate check on the gas content of molten metal and allows you to achieve a predetermined standard in metal quality.

The estimate of gas content is quantified in a numerical value called Density Index.

The DIU comprises the Vacuum Sampling Machine (VSM) and the Desity Analyzer (DA).

Features of Density Index Unit

1) Latest technology for melt quality improvement.
2) Reliable, fast and accurate estimate of gas content in melt.
3) Quality expressed as a Numerical Value.
4) No maintenance.
5) Easy calibration.
6) Full service backup by Energy Systech.
7) Rugged construction easy portability.

Density Analyzer (DA)

Principle of working: Solidification under reduced pressure (vacuum) causes the gas bubbles in the melt sample to expand thus reducing the sample density. Comparison with the density of an air-cooled sample is a measure of gas content in the melt.

Vacuum Sampling Machine (VSM)

Measurement of Quality

Density Index Melt Quality
0-3 Excellent
3-6 Good
6-10 Fair
10-15 Poor
>15 Very Poor