Electrical MCH Tilting Furnace

"Ideal solution for large castings"

The Electrical Tilting Furnace developed by Energy Systech is a must-have piece of equipment in an aluminium casting shop. Metal is melted in a turbulence-free condition inside a crucible, held at constant temperature, treated and degassed. This precious metal is available to be used for castings at unparalleled convenience and efficiency. This furnace is commonly used as a feeder furnace for the PDC holding furnace.

Manual Tilting Furnace

Hydraulic Tilting Furnace

Large castings, typical pour weight 40-400 kg of aluminium
As a feeding furnace to PDC Holding Furnace (Launder transfer)
As a central melting furnace
As a feeding furnace to Induction Furnace for alloy making (Launder transfer)

Available in Melting and Holding varieties
Very economical operation
Capacity ranges - 300 kg to 1000 kg
Superb temperature control
Degassing possible inside the furnace
Rapid discharge of treated melt reducing oxidation and heat loss
Noiseless operation
Requires minimal maintenance and care

Hydraulic and Geared options
Rugged construction
Smooth, jerk-free tilting
Long life "Vertical Heaters", the workhorse innovation by Energy Systech
Excellent crucible support resulting in its long life

Pnuematic ( CAM & Lifting) options are available for melt cover.