Electrical Melting cum Holding Furnace

"A highly energy efficient solution for Aluminium foundries and one of our best-selling products"

Features of melting cum holding furnace for aluminium

1) Ceramic Fibre lining resulting in quick start-up.
2) Unbelievably low energy consumption.
3) Typically 0.4 units per kg melt at 730 °C.
4) Capacity range from 70 kg to 1000 kg
5) Excellent melt temperature control using continuous dip thermocouple.
6) Lowest melt losses.
7) Ideal for metal treatment.
8) Improved layout, safe operation.
9) Cleanest possible metal quality.


1) Stationary & Tilting options available.
2) Pnuematic ( CAM & Lifting)
options are available for melt cover.

Electrical Melting cum Holding Furnace