Rotary Degassing Machines For Molten Aluminium

"Foundry life, Porosity free."

Rotary Degassing Machines by Energy Systech are the most environment-friendly, economical and repeatable way to degas molten aluminium. These are recommended for castings requiring Leak Testing, Radiographic Inspection and high Structural Strength. Several variants of these machines are available. These include:

1) Track and Trolley Degassing Unit (T&T).
2) Fixed Degassing Unit (FDU).
3) Hoistable Degassing Unit (HDU).
4) Mobile Degassing Unit (MDU).

Principle of operation
Finely distributed nitrogen gas bubbles disperse in the aluminium melt, entrap dissolved hydrogen and bring it to the surface.

• Suitable for furnaces in a row
• Topple-free safe operation
• Easy movement of trolley

• Dedicated to one or two furnaces

• Minimum floor space required
• Can be carried to furnaces in any location

• Stable and safe operation
• Suitable for multiple furnaces
• Layout no restriction
• Easy movement of trolley