About Us

Our values are reflected in our strengths.


Energy Systech Furnaces have multiple interlocking and independent safety systems which protect the personnel and equipment from damage. The systems also alert the operator should anything go amiss. In more than 30 years of our existence, there have been ZERO injuries caused by any failures or malfunction.


In our organization, we understand that time is money and our products are built with the same philosophy. Our products are built to be run round the clock for years without breakdown.


Our customers report excellent life of components like crucible, heater, lining, electricals, etc. The life of the furnace is unparalled in the industry. Many of our customers will testify to these advantages if you call them.


Our products are built to require almost zero service. Even so, we pride ourselves in providing prompt service whenever required. As a policy we do not supply equipment if we are unable to provide service.


At Energy Systech, we believe energy is akin to pure gold and hence must be conserved wherever possible. Our furnaces undergo special insulation processes which give them a powerful edge over similar products in the market. Indeed, in a world of ever increasing energy prices, economic prudence dictates the choice of an Energy Systech furnace. The economic edge of our high-efficiency furnaces is so high that our customers recover their investments in matter of months. As a result, we have a phenomenally high repeat order rate. We encourage you to visit our customers’ premises to find out first-hand, how happy they are with our products.

Who We Are

Energy Systech was established in 1993. It is located in the prime industrial estate of MIDC Bhosari, Pune. It is now a market leader in crucible type Aluminium furnaces.
Energy Systech is backed by a team of qualified technocrats with over 30 years experience in the field of Heating systems and product building. The firm has powerful in-house design and innovation capabilities. It has a superb manufacturing facility in the core industrial area of Pune. Energy Systech has been very successful in utilizing these strengths towards building efficient and reliable products for the industry. These products, backed by a pleasant service support have been well received by the industry.

The spread of Energy Systech products is across India and also overseas. We pride ourselves in honouring our commitments and delivering quality products with unimpeachable service.
Several of our products change hands in the market and we are happy to provide service to the new owners.

RV Apshankar, Founder
B Tech, M Tech (IIT)

Companies Who Trust Us Nationwide and Worldwide

We have over 3000 installations across India including major ones at Endurance, Minda Corporation, Bharat Forge, Rockman Industries, Sundaram Clayton, Wheels India, ABI Showatech, Chamundi Diecasting, Aurangabad Electricals, Raychem RPG, ACE, Alpha Metals, Inspiron and Mahabal Metals